Recipe for Cold Corn Cookie Pie - pavé type

Recipe for Cold Corn Cookie Pie

This cold pie recipe brings together several aspects that any Brazilian family loves: it's like pavé, it has condensed milk and powdered chocolate. Just for that, it won a 10 without even having been made!

Do you know what the best of all this is? To make this ice cream biscuit pie - like pave, you won't have any difficulties. It takes about 4 hours to be ready but, without a doubt, the result is delicious.

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Ingredients for making ice cream biscuit pie - pavé type:

 150 grams of cornstarch biscuits

 1 can of condensed milk

 300 milliliters of cow's milk

 4 eggs

 4 tablespoons of powdered chocolate

How to make Cold Corn Cookie Pie - pavé type:

The first step of this delicious cornstarch biscuit pie is to make the first layer. To do this, dissolve 75g of biscuit in 150 ml of milk (that is, half of each of the ingredients). Then add the condensed milk, the 4 yolks and blend everything in a blender for about 7 minutes.

Tip: For this recipe you must separate the whites and yolks. Pass the yolks through a strainer to filter their skin, this helps to eliminate the egg smell and taste.

Heat this white cream until thick. Then, place it on a platter (of your choice), wait for it to cool and take it to the freezer.

Now you must make the second cream of this ice-cold pie. For this you must blend 75g of biscuits, 150ml of milk, egg whites and powdered chocolate in a blender for about 7 minutes.

Add the chocolate cream on top of the yellow cream and return to the freezer for another 4 hours.

Tip: Remember that this pie is to eat cold. Also, if you want to add more texture to your pie you can add a layer of cornstarch biscuits before adding the chocolate cream.

That's it, now you have a delicious frozen maize biscuit pie pave. For sure someone will make the famous joke of "it's pavé or pacumê" ​​and everyone will order more and more of this pavé pie.

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